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الموضوع المقترح الثاني في اللغة الانجليزية

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الطور المتوسط + الثانوي
موضوع مقترح  2 في اللغة الانجليزية

The colonial world is a world cut in two. In the colonies , it is the policeman and the soldier who are the spokesmen of the settler and his rule of oppression. By their immediate presence and direct action, they maintain contact with the native and advise him by means of weapons not to budge. They speak the language of the pure force.
The zone where the natives live is opposed to the zone inhabited by the settlers. The settlers’ town is strongly built and brightly lit. The settlers’ feet are never visible, except perhaps in the sea ; but there, you are never close enough to see them. The settlers’ town is a town of white people, of foreigners. It is a well-fed and an easy going town.
The town belonging to the colonized people, or at the native town, the negro village, the medina, the reservation, is a place of evil reputation, a world without spaciousness. They are born there and will die there, it matters little where, nor how. The native town is a hungry town, starved of bread, of meat, of shoes, of coal, of light.
The colonized man is an envious man for he always dreams of being in the settler’s place, to sit at the settler’s table and to sleep in his comfortable bed. And this, the settler knows it very well.
(After Frantz – Fanon)
Read the text carefully then do the activities.
1- How many sentences are there in the last paragraph ?
2- Answer the following questions according to the text.
a- What role do the policeman and the soldier play in the colonies? b- Is the settlers’ oppression only political?
c-To which people do the words or expressions «the medina»,«the negro village», « the reservations» refer to ?
d- Does any change for the better occur in the colonized man’s life ?
3 – What or who do the underlined words in the text refer to ?
4-Find in the text words or phrases that are closest in meaning to :
1- Representatives = §1……….. 2- Arms = §1…………
5- Find in the words /phrases whose definitions follow:
1- It is of little importance §3 =………… 2-Deprived of §3 =………….

1-Supply punctuation, capital letters and apostrophes where necessary.
many examples of discrimination racial riots and racial tension may be found in america in britain and in france as well.
2 – Divide the following words into roots and affixes.
Colonial - settler
- oppression -action

 الموضوع المقترح الثاني في اللغة الانجليزية

3- Complete sentence « b » so that it means the same as sentence « a ». a-The policeman and the soldier maintain contact with the natives. b- Contact with the natives………………………………………….
a- The settlers’ town is a well-fed town; the natives’ town is a hungry town. b- ………….the natives’ town, the settlers’ town is a well-fed one.
4- Here is a list of verbs ; pick out the
irregular verbs and write their past forms.
To live - to build
- to see -
to speak
- to advise - to be

  الموضوع المقترح الثاني في اللغة الانجليزية
Choose one of the following topics.
Topic one : Many challenges face our modern civilisation. Underdevelopment is one of them.
Use the following notes to write a paragraph of about 80 words on the above topic.
Fight Poverty/ illiteracy……. preserve libraries / write books
……………… build more schools/ hospitals /houses …………
Topic two : Why is education important in the development of a nation?